Dairy Equipment

Cream Separator

Approx Price: Rs 8,500 / Piece(s) 
Cream Separator 1000 LPH ( 250 Gallons ) having separation capacity of 1000 Litres Per. Hour is ideal for small farms. It is best suitable for Farms/Dairies/People having Cow's/Goats. It combines wase of Electric Separating with durability of Stainless Steel Bowl, The electric separator takes the guess work and labour out of separating. You can make your own butter, cheese, ice cream with the fresh Cream you get from separation. The machine is shipped directly from the factory with complete spare parts such as o ring, float, neck spring and Instruction manual in English. This machine is ideal for commercial use.




  • Model No. : MEI -1000-SSE
  • Operation : Electrically Operated
  • Capacity : 1000 LPH ( 250 Gallons )
  • Supply of Milk : Online Supply
  • Technology : Centrifuge Process to Separate Cream
  • Power Source : 220-230 Volts 50 Hz / 110 Volts 60 Hz
  • Separation Bowl & Disc : Food Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Milk Spout And  Cream Spouts : Food Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Cream Separator 1000 LPH

Lister Cream Separator

Approx Price: Rs 17,000 / Piece(s) 
We are leading manufacturer of Lister Cream Separator machines in different capacities. These machines works with accuracy and smoothness on the centrifugal force in compliance with set industrial standards. Manufactured using high quality materials, the machine is highly acclaimed for corrosion resistance, durability and high strength. We also provide customization as per the requirements of clients.


  • 165 Ltr/Hr Hand Operated Cream Separator Machine
  • Machine Capacity : 165 Ltr / Hr.
  • Tank Cap. : 15 Ltr.
  • No of S.S. Discs : 22
  • Operate by Hand : 60 Rpm
  • Receiving Tank Material: Aluminium Sheet / S.S. 304 Sheet
  • Useful in Small Dairy

Aluminium Milk Can

Approx Price: Rs 3,250 / Piece 

We are reputed manufacturer and exporters of Aluminium Milk Cans. Pressed in one piece, these are provided with full brazed bottom ring that ensure abrasion resistance and long life. Light in weight and easily portable, these are strictly checked as per the ISI specifications.

  • Aluminum Milk cans available in 10,20,30 40 & 50 litre capacity

  • All dimension are strictly as per ISI Specification

  • Seamless body

  • Pressed in one piece

  • Heat Treated & anodized

  • Full brazed bottom ring

  • Plastic Lid Mushroom Type(Spare)
  • white colour suitable to fit in 50/40/30/20 liters Aluminum Alloy Milk Cans.

Electronic Milko Tester

Approx Price: Rs 48,500 / Piece(s) 
Designed with precision, these milko testers are used to calculate fat percentage in milk. These electronic milko testers require to operate handle for three times during testing of one sample. Easy and simple to operate, these testers are appreciated for their accurate testing and durable performance.

Features :

  • Milko tester performs simple and easy and accurate milk fat testing
  • Easy to read digital read-out
  • Operates on mains or battery
  • Measures upto 13% fat. Small sample volume used
  • 120 to 150 tests per hour
  • Automatic switch over to battery in case of power failure

Bulk Milk Cooler

Approx Price: Rs 2.45 Lakh / Piece 
Bulk milk cooling tank is a large storage tank for cooling and holding milk at a cold temperature until it can be picked up by a milk hauler. The bulk milk cooling tank is an important piece of dairy farm equipment. It is usually made of stainless steel and used every day to store the raw milk on the farm in good condition. It must be cleaned after each milk collection. Raw milk producers have a choice of either open (from 700 to 20000 liters) Bulk cooling tanks.

A milk cooling tank, also known as a bulk tank or milk cooler or bulk milk chillers, Milk Chillers. Bulk Milk Coolers consists of an inner and an outer tank, both made of high quality stainless steel.

The space between the outer tank and the inner tank is isolated with polyurethane foam. In case of a power failure with an outside temperature of 30°C, the content of the tank will warm up only 1°C in 24 hours.

To facilitate an adequate and rapid cooling of the entire content of a tank, every tank is equipped with at least one agitator. Stirring the milk ensures that all milk inside the tank is of the same temperature and that the milk stays homogeneous.

On top of every closed milk cooling tank is a manhole. This enables thorough cleaning and inspection of the inner tank if necessary. A milk cooling tank usually stands on 4, 6, or 8 adjustable legs. The built-in tilt of the inner tank ensures that even the last drop of milk will eventually flow to the outlet.

Milk Analyzers

Approx Price: Rs 48,500 / Piece(s) 
We now take extreme pleasure in introducing our New Model of High Speed Milk Analyzers developed by our European Principals who are the patent holders for ultrasonic Milk Analyzers, and the largest and most reputed manufacturers of Milk Analyzers-worldwide.

These Analyzers have been specially built to meet the requirement of Indian Market.
We now offer model of high speed milk analyzer which fully meets the requirements of the Indian Market and is suitable for milk collection centers, cooperative societies, and Dairy Laboratories where there is a big work load and fast and cost effective analysis is needed.

S.S Milk Cans

Approx Price: Rs 4,400 / Piece(s) 
  1. S.S. Milk Cans available in 5, 10, 20, 40 & 50 litre capacity.

  2. Material used AISI 304 & 202 Stainless Steel.

  3. Tig welding process used to give fine welding quality.

  4. All dimensions very close to aluminum milk cans.

  5. Best quality finishing & polishing.

Cream Separator

Approx Price: Rs 8,500 / Piece(s) 
cream separators electrically operated
separation capacity 165 liters per hour.
all milk connecting parts are made of
stainless steel. Electricmotor ac 50
cycles, 220/230 volts, ¼ hp single phase
tank cap: 20 liters
approx. 20 - 22 discs in bowl

Hand Cum Electric Cream Separator

Approx Price: Rs 25,500 / Piece(s) 

We are leading Cream Separator Suppliers as per customer requirements.

cream separators hand operated, lister type
separation capacity 165 liters per hour.
skim milk pan, cream pan and float chambers are

made of mild steel duly tinned. Bowl made of
special steel and fitted ss disc.

tank made of aluminum & having
approx 20 liters capacity. 2022 discs in bowl.
the above separator mei - 02 but fitted with
electric attachment

hand cum electric operated

electric motor ac 50 cycles, 220/230 volts,
single phase. ¼ hp


Supplies the product to Cream Separator production centers, Cream Separator companies for their sourcing needs of dairy farms.

Cream Separator Hand Driven 60 LPH

Approx Price: Rs 6,000 / Piece(s) 
We are leading Cream Separator Hand Driven 60 LPH suppliers and exporters of hand operated cream separator.

Cream Separator producers:

  • cream separators lister type hand driven
  • capacity 60 liters per hour.
  • skim milk pan, cream pan & float chambers
  • are made of mild steel duly tinned.
  • bowl made of mild steel fitted with s. S. Disc.
  • tank also made of mild steel
  • Having capacity 67 liters. 910 discs in bowl

Cream Separators Electrically Operated

Approx Price: Rs 28,500 / Piece 
cream separators electrically operated
separation capacity 60 liters per hour.
all milk connecting parts are made of stainless
steel. Electric motor 220/230 volts, single phase, 0. 25hp.

Cream Separator

Approx Price: Rs 8,500 / Piece(s) 

We are leading Cream Separator manufacturers and are exporting to leading dairs worlwide.

alfa type separation capcity 550 - 750 liters.
h. Skim milk pan, cream pan & float chamber are made of stainless steel.
centrifugal bowl made of stainless steel aisi 304/ mild steel
collection pans and float made of aisi 304 / tin plated crca sheet.
bowl is dynamically balanced.

tank made of aluminium & having 35 litre capacity.
electric motor ac 50 cycles, 220/230 volts, single phase.


Somatic Cell Analyzer

Approx Price: Rs 2.2 Lakh / Unit 
Manufacturer & Supplier of Somatic Cell Analyzer & Somatos Mini. Our product range also comprises of Milk Analyzers and Automatic Milk Collection Systems

Butter Churners

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Piece(s) 
Manufacturers and exporters of butter churn, electric butter churn, manual butter churn, hand paddle butter churn, steel butter churn and stainless steel butter churn
  • Dynamically balanced holding tank, Made of Stainless steel.

  • Powder coated iron angle base frame

  • Very robust construction

  • Easy to operate and maintain.

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